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Bucharest Forum 2015

Bucharest Forum 2015 takes place between 14-16 October at critical times for the region and Europe. As the global order is changing, new economic and strategic alignments shape the context for political cooperation, economic and trade relations as well as investment. This is particularly evident in the East-West political and economic dynamic along the New Silk Road.


The Aspen Institute in Romania in collaboration with Reviro offers 10 invitations to the Bucharest Forum 2015, organized between October 14-16. 

Political crisis in Europe is evident in the difficulty of managing the Greek debt issue, the UK referendum and the Mediterranean refugee crisis. This European malaise is heightened by domestic populists’ rifts and the challenge of the deep low in relations with Russia over the Ukraine crisis. Combined with a deep partisan rift in Washington and approaching presidential elections in the US this has implications for the West and presents complex challenges for the Trans-Atlantic community.

Regional Implications of Global & Strategic Shifts; European Structural Challenges and the East-West Corridor.

3 interlocking and overlapping themes were chosen for the 2015 Bucharest Forum: 

Regional Implications of Global & Strategic Shifts:

  • Geoeconomic and Geopolitical Shifts on the Eurasian Corridor: a Nexus on the Black Sea Shores;
  • Stability in the Greater Middle East area: the Iranian factor;
  • Global Competition over Hearts and Minds: Addressing propaganda and the role of Media;
  • Economic and Security Challenges in Asia and their Impact in Eurasia: Can the East-West Trade and Investment Corridor/New Silk Road be Shared?;
  • Security in the Era of Digital Economy and Governance: Cyber Threats on the Global Agenda.

European Structural Challenges:

  • The Mediterranean Conundrum: Between Economic Recovery, Migration and Radicalization;
  • For a New European Economic Model: Fostering Growth, Bridging Social Disparities in the trans-Atlantic Space;
  • Europe’s soft spot: Balkans the unfinished peace and prosperity project;
  • European Neighborhood - a test for European Foreign Policy Vision and Capacity;
  • The Future of European Security Perspective: Emerging Strategic Focus or Faltering Ambitions?;
  • Countering the Wave of Mainstream Populism: Leveraging Political Crises in Europe;

Trade, Investment & the Eurasian global link:

  • Diverging Normative Views in Eurasia;
  • Energy Union, Competing Regional Energy Priorities Converging Needs: What Future for the European Energy Security Strategy?;
  • Trade, Growth and Investment opportunities along the Eurasian Corridor: What Regional Context for Trade Negotiations, Privatization and Economic Reform?;
  • Romania Gateway: A Trade and Investment Agenda for the Eurasian Corridor in the Three and Geo-economic Choices for Turkey.

Please consult the full agenda and speakers list here.

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Strada Colței, nr. 8,
030246, București
+40 742 232 520