How to join Future 25, an accelerated learning program?

What makes a job attractive? The impact on business? Perspective? How about a talent program? The ability to bring out your potential or the mix of learning? What would it be like if you had them all in one place, both the job and the program?

Future 25 is exactly that, a unique talent acceleration program created by eMAG to select 25 people with high potential. The goal? To prepare them to become future leaders in the organization or to take on positions in key areas of the company.

The program is at its second edition, but it’s the first time it is expanded outside eMAG as well. For those who will be selected from outside the company, it’s important to know that the program comes with a full-time job in a key e-commerce area. The areas are varied, Web & Mobile, Content, Business Intelligence, Business Analysis or Finance, but they all have a major impact on business.

How it all started

In recent years, eMAG has grown from several hundred employees to nearly 4,000, and hence the need for retention and team development. With this increase, came also the need for a program that highlights the talents in the organization, because at such dimensions it is easy to lose them in the crowd.

This is how, in 2016, Future 25 developed. The first edition of the program was dedicated to eMAG employees with an experience between 0 and 5 years. Age was not necessarily a factor, but young talents were targeted. What was important? Courage, curiosity and potential. They tested them all with the program’s approach, an original concept and an intense selection process. The approach was unconventional, the program was open to the entire company and candidates have nominated themselves, then passed through a stage where they were tested to the fullest. The Future 25 concept was a playful and original one, that would captivate young talent – building a time machine that will help them create the future of eMAG.

For 9 months, the participants went through a bootcamp and a lot of workshops and group projects, followed by the most anticipated moment, a visit to Silicon Valley. After that, the eMAG team realized that they couldn’t simply end the program, so they decided to continue one more year with the 25 finalists. Now, less than two years after the start of the program, over half of the participants have changed their role in the organization.

Future 25, version 2.0

This year, eMAG prepares an even more intense experience. The stake? A mix of learning initiatives that will transform participants and a trip to one of the world’s leading IT hubs: San Francisco.

In the first stage, candidates will go through a selection stage that includes logical and personality tests, as well as individual and group presentations, at the end of which “the 25″ will be chosen.

A bootcamp will follow where they will get to know each other better and that will initiate them in the next workshops and online classes, learning evenings with eMAG managers and creative breakfasts. These are all included in the program alongside mentors (experienced managers in the company) and buddies (participants in the first edition) who will guide their every step. And did we mention the trip to San Francisco? This is not all, the second year of the program will consist of a Fast Track MBA that will test the participants’ limits even more.

Who fits the program?

From inside or outside of the company, eMAG is looking for brave, innovative people who want to learn quickly. Future 25 is their chance to become future e-commerce leaders. In addition, those who apply from outside of the company can access 5 of the coolest e-commerce jobs.

The learning initiatives are designed for those with 3-5 years of experience, so candidates should be somewhere in that range. Moreover, each of the 5 external roles requires specific domain-related knowledge because, as we said, for those who are not already working at eMAG, the program comes with a full-time job. That means you will join the eMAG team and contribute to the evolution of the e-commerce industry in Romania.

Do you think you would fit the „25ers” team? Enter the site and apply! Applications are open until July 6th.