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We’re working closely with employers in our country in order to identify the most interesting jobs in Romania, in companies that value your international experience. Leave your resume with us or apply for one of our career opportunities.
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We're recruiting for carefully selected jobs, at some of the best companies in Romania, where you can capitalize your international experience. We'd like you to work in an organization that stimulates your personal development and offers growth opportunities and challenging responsibilities.
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We work with top organisations and multinational corporations, but also with high-aimed and well-known start-ups and NGOs. Our partners invest in learning and development processes for their employees and we have collaborated with employers from industries like FMCG, Consulting, IT&C and Education. We are constantly working to establish new partnerships based on your needs and specialisation if you want to build a career here in Romania.
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We're actively looking for career events, summer schools, interesting conferences and other similar activities so you can boost your professional and personal resume. 
We're focusing on identifying and creating the best events on the market in order for you to meet interesting people, network and expand your professional network.
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Companie Job Locatie Deadline
Bookster Iubitor de carti 30 aug
Bookster Smart Office Manager a.k.a. Organizing Genius Bucharest 30 aug
Bookster Employee Happiness Coordinator Bucharest 30 aug
Bookster Bookcenic – Account Manager Bucharest 30 aug
Bookster Bookcenic bun la toate (Curier) Bucharest 30 aug
Bookster Business Developer Bucharest 30 aug
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