Educational Counsellor


The main goal of an educational counsellor is to help young Romanian students to access the right academic program at a top university. The counsellor’s role will be to manage the individual application processes of the beneficiaries we work with (high-school and university students). If selected, you will work directly with UNIVERSALIO’s team of Senior Educational Counsellors and will occasionally interact with other teams within EDUCATIVA, including the EDMUNDO and EDMERICA educational counsellors and the RIUF organizers.

Role & Responsibilities:

* Offering personalised counselling to students about their study abroad opportunities.

* Assessing the students’ eligibility and identifying the best study programmes for them.

* Managing applicants’ personal information and efficiently tracking their specific status within the application process.

* Reviewing all documentation needed for admission and preparing the applicants for university admission interviews. Presenting our services at educational fairs, running high school workshops and answering parents’ questions about the university admission process.

What you will Learn:

* Efficiently use complex information management tools

* Broaden your know-how about the international education market

* Develop specific competences in reviewing academic application documents

Our Requirements:

General outlook:

* Graduate of an international university

* Self-motivated, ambitious and hard-working

* Positive-thinking, problem-solving mind-set (“glass half-full” kind of person)

* Attention to details (very important, please consider it seriously)

* Discipline to effectively take responsibility for tasks and meet the required deadlines


* Proficiency in English and an additional language (ideally, German)

* Research, analysis and synthesis abilities

* Effective management of personal tasks and time constraints

* Communication and interpersonal skills

* Good knowledge of the Microsoft Office package (Word, Excel, Outlook)


* This should be your main professional activity. We therefore expect a full-time commitment from you (though we are fairly flexible about the schedule).

* We expect a commitment of at least 12 months.

Experience: you can demonstrate initiative, ability and significant results in previous professional activities or personal projects relevant for your interests.

Applying for the job: 

To apply, please complete our online form, including uploading a CV and a personalized Letter of Intent (both in English), no later than September 10th, 2018. All applications will be considered and will receive an answer, whether positive or negative.

The evaluation process will consist of several stages: selected candidates will go through a phone mini-interview, a quick written task, which, if completed successfully, will be followed by a live interview with ttheir potential future coordinator and management team.

Applications will be processed as they are received, and we aim to conclude the selection process by mid-September.