Quantic Jumper – BI Product Owner

The Business Intelligence team is in charge of the process of acquisition and transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes. We make most of our decisions based on the data provided by the Business Intelligence team, so that in the end our customers enjoy a personalized experience when they navigate our platform.


Your skills

  • You`re smart, young and you want to change the world.
  • You are around 25 years old and have 3 to 5 years of work experience of which at least 3 years working with DWH/BI projects, ideally within a very large data set environment.
  • You have an university degree in a quantitative academic discipline (e.g. economics, statistics, mathematics, etc.) or equivalent professional experience.
  • You’re a fast pace learner and you’re capable of quickly understanding business processes and what’s relevant in terms of business growth.
  • You’re a critical thinker, you have the ability to translate business problems into quantitative analyses and produce useful insights.
  • You have experience with project management, as well as with working within structured and agile project environments.
  • You have hands on experience with gathering business requirements, documenting the projects, algorithms and analysis specifications.
  • You have SQL skills and have experience in working/querying relational datasets from multiple sources.
  • You are very organized and capable of spotting flaws in processes and data inconsistencies.
  • You have excellent communication and English skills, you deliver great presentations and you’re the “master” of Excel.
  • You’re an innovative thinker, self-motivated, proactive and have a constructive approach to things.


Your mission

  • You will own, prioritize and brief for projects of varying length and complexity.
  • You will work closely with stakeholders and the development team to bring out relevant data, through algorithms and reports. This will allow business to act on all opportunities and create business value.
  • You will implement the strategy for your product, based on input from senior Product Owner, business, development team and considering the vision of the product.
  • You will create, maintain and communicate the Product Roadmap.
  • You will gather business requirements and translate them into written clear specifications.
  • You will be highly involved in each project to be launched in order to ensure the specifications are correctly understood by the development team and the delivered results match the stakeholders’ needs.
  • You will manage dependencies and coordination for cross projects.
  • You will develop, monitor and improve KPIs for the products and their features.
  • You will help the Business Analyst in documenting the projects and defining a glossary of business terms.
  • You will organize and participate in Scrum meetings: grooming, review, planning.
  • You will create and maintain the backlog .
  • You will keep yourself updated with the company’s development plan and the market to identify improvements for business areas and customer experience.


Your perks

Well, there’s Future 25. 🙂 This role comes with a seat in our unique talent acceleration program which will set you up for becoming a future leader or key expert in our company in the following years.

Moreover, you will be part of all our internal initiatives aimed at adding a plus of knowledge and fun at work. Among them are events (Tech Talks, eMAG Hackathon), dedicated newsletters (for those curious to find out the latest news from the e-commerce industry, from our organization, or those interested in technology) or engagement programs (eMAG Playground – a fun exploration context that challenges our creativity).

Of course, besides all of the above, you will also have basic benefits through which we try to meet all your day-to-day needs, like medical subscription, employee discounts or a budget for flexible benefits.


This role is dedicated to people outside the eMAG organization, who would like to join us through our talent acceleration program, Future 25. If you’re already part of our team, your application for this role specifically won’t be taken into consideration. But don’t worry, if you want to catch the ride to Future 25, you can still apply – check www.future25.ro