Vortex Rider – Business Process Analyst

The Business Process Analyst is a particular type of Business Analyst that involves “thinking processes”. You will draw inferences from process details and link them to the big picture by considering business objectives in order to identify process improvements. You will support the strategy execution through designing new business models, streamlining and reengineering existing business processes. You will work with a variety of business, IT, quality or service processes.


Your skills

  • You`re smart, young and you want to change the world.
  • You are around 25 years old and have 3 to 5 years of work experience, out of which two in a related operations management or analyst function;
  • You’re an innovative thinker and you’re great at selling your ideas.
  • You have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business or other related field.
  • You have the ability to structure a large amount of information within a process framework.
  • You can multi-task while completing assignments on-time.
  • You’re brave enough to speak up, you can lead meetings and collaborate effectively.
  • You have experience working with customers to gather business requirements and document those requirements in a language that can be understood by both IT and the rest of the business.
  • You know process mapping and business process reengineering.
  • You’re a fast pace learner and you’re proficient with analytic tools such as data gathering and analysis, spreadsheets, flow-charting and process diagramming, as well as Microsoft Office, especially excel.
  • You’re a critical thinker, you have strong communication and writing skills and you’re able to deliver great reports and presentations.


Your mission

  • You will work with colleagues from different departments – managers, business analysts, software developers etc. – to identify needs and requirements, explore new opportunities, conduct feasibility studies and recommend process improvements.
  • You will define and translate business requests into technology initiatives.
  • You will conduct in depth analysis of operations in order to identify root causes of inefficiencies.
  • You will assist in developing the plans to address issues and work with the management team to implement them.
  • You will extract and interpret data and information to provide monthly reports, as well as track progress of global initiatives against key performance indicators.
  • You will create and analyze reports in order to determine possible solutions.
  • You will develop vision documents, functional requirements documents and use case documents.
  • You will develop and maintain a global document management and toolset platform that will act as a repository for key information.
  • You will assist in cost/benefit analysis and project tracking as well as prioritize business requests.
  • You will support new and current initiatives from an analytical standpoint.


Your perks

Well, there’s Future 25. 🙂 This role comes with a seat in our unique talent acceleration program which will set you up for becoming a future leader or key expert in our company in the following years.

Moreover, you will be part of all our internal initiatives aimed at adding a plus of knowledge and fun at work. Among them are events (Tech Talks, eMAG Hackathon), dedicated newsletters (for those curious to find out the latest news from the e-commerce industry, from our organization, or those interested in technology) or engagement programs (eMAG Playground – a fun exploration context that challenges our creativity).

Of course, besides all of the above, you will also have basic benefits through which we try to meet all your day-to-day needs, like medical subscription, employee discounts or a budget for flexible benefits.


This role is dedicated to people outside the eMAG organization, who would like to join us through our talent acceleration program, Future 25. If you’re already part of our team, your application for this role specifically won’t be taken into consideration. But don’t worry, if you want to catch the ride to Future 25, you can still apply – check www.future25.ro