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Digital Marketing Wizard
For more than 10 years at EDUCATIVA we helped thousands of Romanian students to get a top education abroad through RIUF - the Romanian International University Fair and our market leading study abroad advising services: EDMUNDO, UNIVERSALIO and EDMERICA. But the intention (hope & plan ☺) was always that a number of those who studied abroad would come back and help to improve the Romanian economy & society. REVIRO was born to facilitate the successful re-entry of this bright individuals into the Romanian fabric.

After some start-up bumps and lessons learned in the past few years, REVIRO gets a new lease on life: we will restart anew to match high potential candidates with high potential companies AND launch a new project - RO-WIN* which will train more than 300 Romanian diaspora residents interested to start a business in Romania and will finance at least 36 businesses start-ups with more than 1,200,000 EUR.* the project is a Start-Up Diaspora partnership between EDUCATIVA, REVIRO, Impact Hub and GEA

What is a Reviro Digital Marketing Wizard?

This job is much more than spreading the word about RO-WIN internationally. We need your help to build sustainable Romanian communities of students and graduates, and help them gain access to entrepreneurial and business knowledge through our program.As a Digital Marketing Wizard, you will have the opportunity to both crunch data and create catchy messages to foster sustainable engagement, participate in communication strategy development and make it happen.

What you’ll be doing:
  • Assess our website’s performance in creating engagement and adapt it for continuous improvement;
  • Enable the digital twist of our communication strategy;
  • Participate in software solution integrations needed to improve our performance;
  • Media planning – coordinate with partners to confirm campaigns, create and update copy, adapt creative, and push campaigns live;
  • Create reports to monitor campaign performance and feedback results. Analyse and test the outcomes of campaigns to recommend on-going and future optimizations;
  • Conduct quality assurance checks to ensure that campaigns meet our expectations and objectives;
  • Recommend and implement digital marketing procedures and best practices;
  • Work with our internal team and external partners, including communication, technology, front end developers and creatives, to meet campaign timelines.

Job requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree is a must; A Master’s degree won’t hurt your chances ☺. Studies abroad would help.
  • Strong interest and excellent knowledge of digital communication channels and social media platforms.
  • Ability to develop content to create engagement through communication.
  • Working knowledge of web analytics tools and reporting, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, etc.
  • Strong insights about websites development and conversion rates/engagement methods.
  • Strong quantitative, analytical, and problem-solving abilities, including the ability to turn data and insights into online marketing initiatives.
  • Strong self-management, drive, organization skills and efficiency in delivering results.
  • Knowledge of Adobe Analytics and digital advertising platforms is a plus.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint required.
  • The position is a hands-on role that requires an organized team player.
  • Must be energetic and self-motivated, open to continuous learning, responding to issues quickly and with a positive attitude.
  • Preferably based in Bucharest.

If you start working with us

You will be part of our team, along with over 50 other young, bright and very enthusiastic people based in Bucharest, Iasi and Timisoara and a handful of RO-WIN Ambassadors travelling through Europe.

We know this job will be exciting, but it will also be highly demanding. We will provide you with all the tools necessary for success, knowing that they will contribute to your personal development as well.

You will have a flexible schedule. We know you understand the importance of your work so it will be up to you to carefully plan your activities and manage your responsibilities. However, we will be by your side with any time management or other advice you might need.

If you find the role of Digital Marketing Wizard interesting and challenging for you, please send us an email at info@reviro.ro, with your CV and a cover letter - explaining why you would be a great fit.

If this job sounds perfect for someone you know, please tell them! Thank you.

Strada Colței, nr. 8,
030246, București
+40 742 232 520