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RO-WIN Ambassador

REVIRO  is  hiring  RO-WIN  Ambassadors in seven European countries: the United Kingdom, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Sweden, and Belgium.

powered by the EDUCATIVA Group

For the past 10+ years the EDUCATIVA Group (mainly through our projects RIUF - the Romanian International University Fair and EDMUNDO, UNIVERSALIO or EDMERICA, our study abroad advising centers) has helped Romanian students get a top education abroad.

We believe in challenges and in changing the Romanian entrepreneurial landscape, so this summer REVIRO launched a new project: RO-WIN (which will train more than 300 persons with Impact HUB and finance more than 35 businesses opened in Romania by Diaspora residents).

What is a RO-WIN Ambassador?

This job is much more than spreading the word about RO-WIN.

We want you to help us build sustainable Romanian communities of students and graduates, and help them  gain access to entrepreneurial and business  knowledge  through  our  program.  We  also  trust  you  to  find  inspired, creative and proactive Romanians, who what to come back to Romania and start a business here.

As a RO-WIN Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to travel, meet with many people and thus forge new professional and RO-WIN community relationships.

What you’ll be doing:

● Be the face of our project abroad;

● Participate in various events as a project spokesperson;

● Identify and develop strategic partnerships in your country of residence;

● Design and organize events - especially presentations or meet-ups - to raise awareness about RO-WIN;

● Maintain relationships and communication with Romanian students and graduates that could benefit from RO-WIN, now or in the future;

● Work closely with your manager and build great things together.

Job requirements:

● Bachelor's degree (not necessarily obtained in the country you currently live in);

● Excellent oral communication and interpersonal skills;

● Ability to develop strong professional relationships;

● Creative thinking and efficiency in delivering results;

● Strong self-management, drive, and organization skills;

● The ability to correctly assess people’s motivations and potential;

● Problem-solving skills;

● Availability to travel (essential);

● Currently  living  in  one  of  these  countries:  the  United  Kingdom,  Denmark,  the  Netherlands,

France, Germany, Sweden, and Belgium;

● Being connected to the Romanian communityin  your  country  of  residence would  give  you extra  insight  into  the  people  who  might  benefit  through  RO-WIN – so  this  is  considered  an advantage

If you start working with us

You will be part of our team, along with over 50 other enthusiastic people based in Bucharest, Iasi and  Timisoara.  Since  we  all  work  in  Romania,  you  will  be  among  our  first  internationally-based colleagues.

We know this job will be exciting, but it will also be demanding. So we will provide  you with all the necessary tools for success. These tools will contribute to your personal development as well.

You will have a flexible schedule. We know you understand the importance of your work so it will be up to you to carefully plan your activities and manage your responsibilities. However, we will be by your side with any time management or other advice you might need. 

If you find the role of RO-WIN Ambassador interesting and challenging for you, please send us an email at hello@reviro.ro, with your CV and a cover letter - explaining why you would be a great fit.

If this job sounds perfect for someone you know, please tell them!

Thank you.

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Deadline: 01 ianuarie
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