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RSL Capital Advisors
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Finance and financial services
RSLCAP provides advisory services on structuring and implementing private and public equity investments, as well as equity and debt financing for Balkan area companies. 

What we do at RSLCAP is to scan for investment opportunities for institutional investors in Romania - both private and public equity. This provides an amazing opportunity to interact with great people, both investors and entrepreneurs, most of the times market leaders in their respective fields. It's an intellectually challenging opportunity, where everyday presents a new angle to evaluate and react to.

We focus on a disciplined approach to investing, as well as integrity and perseverance; we are not afraid of going for the big ideas, as long as there is value proposition behind.

Entering the team is rather easy, staying on the team is the challenge. To successfully manage this, one should have a structured and disciplined approach to investing, as well as willingness to go the extra mile. Integrity, perseverance and will to succeed are also important traits for a successful applicant.

0 joburi disponibile

Strada Colței, nr. 8,
030246, București
+40 742 232 520