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Softwire is a UK-based software development company with offices in London and Bristol. They are totally committed to customer satisfaction, and this drives everything they do.

I’ve yet to find a downside to working at Softwire, and I honestly don’t think there is one. I was happy enough to find a career that I was excited about following, but to find a company that I’m so excited about working for – it really can’t get much better!
Of course, the “good social atmosphere” card is an easy one for a company to play and it’s impossible to prove one way or the other on a website. But I can honestly say that it’s brilliant. You’ll just have to take my word for it – or come and see for yourself!
Our highly talented and dedicated staff deliver work of exceptional quality, and can help you no matter what stage you are at in developing your software.

After customer satisfaction, Softwire's second key objective is employee satisfaction. A much overlooked fact in the business world is that one of the easiest ways to achieve the first objective is to focus on the second.

We recruit only extremely able applicants as software developers and train them up ourselves. All are top-class, highly motivated graduates from leading universities. We provide a great working environment for our employees, with interesting and challenging work, ongoing training and mentoring.
As a result, we have built up a team of enthusiastic, talented and experienced software developers and consultants with extremely low staff turnover. This gives Softwire a clear return on the investment in our employees and gives you an unbeatable consistency of staffing and of customer service.

0 joburi disponibile

Strada Colței, nr. 8,
030246, București
+40 742 232 520