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FES European Autumn Academy


The withdrawal from coal production in the context of the energy transition causes risks but also presents opportunities. The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) will host a one-week interdisciplinary Autumn Academy in Leipzig which will explore and discuss advantages and disadvantages of coal production from ecological, economical and socio-political angles. The aim is to develop a progressive outlook on opportunities and risks of structural change in major coal and lignite coal bases of Southern and Central Eastern Europe. 



A set of participatory methods will be adopted throughout the Autumn Academy. The Autumn Academy includes different phases. It starts with an intensive research and continues with field trips and interviews. This leads to an interactive phase: the Future Search Methodology. Future Search is a unique multi-stakeholder planning process that is used worldwide to 1) help large, diverse groups identify common values, purposes, and projects; and 2) enable the creation of an ideal future that participants can work towards. The task or theme of the Future Search conference consists of a pressing issue or question that concerns the future of all stakeholders.

The Future Search model is purposive and stimulates dialogue and mutual learning as a catalyst foraction. This model is especially helpful in uncertain, fast-changing situations and revolves around the idea of bringing the “whole system” into one room to engage in a dialogue about a common issue. Instead of listening to speeches and seminars, active working sessions are held with a broad range of parties that have a shared interest in the outcome. In international teams you will transform your knowledge into action, and also learn how to present your findings in a multimedia way.

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung is pleased to invite 40 participants from different countries and lignite areas in Europe to Leipzig, Germany, from September 26 to October 3, 2015.

The FES will cover all expenses including accommodation and travel costs.

Application Requirements

The European Autumn Academy is designed for students of Human Geography, Renewable Energy, Environmental Engineering, Social and Political Sciences and Economics as well as young civil society actors, mainly from European regions which have been affected by structural change through the reduction of lignite coal mining. Students of other disciplines are welcome to apply in case they show a special interest in the topic and program of the Autumn Academy.  You must be enrolled as a student, aged 18-30 and able to communicate professionally in English.

In order to apply

Step 1: Drop us your CV using the "Aplica acum" button.

Step 2: Submit your CV and a short letter of motivation (max. 500 words, in English) by the 8th of August, 23:59 GMT. Please use the template to be found here.

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