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Local Project Manager
The World Bank is currently seeking a Local Project Manager (Staff) to lead the day-to-day work of a multi-disciplinary team working with the client, which includes international advisors, World Bank sector specialists, and local staff; all oriented towards helping the Prime Minister and Government to deliver results in the selected priority areas. The Local Project Manager will work under the guidance of the Bank TTL to support the Head of the GSG and lead the work of the team, as needed.

The World Bank has been working with the Government of Romania to strengthen the center of government for the past 7 years ever since the Functional Review on the center of government was launched in 2010. The Bank will support the Romanian Prime-Minister’s Office in the creation of a Unitary Human Resource Management System funded from EU structural funds.  As part of the project, the World Bank will put together a team of experts to work in the General Secretariat of the Government (“GSG”), with the goal to support the government to develop a Unitary Human Resource Management System within the Public Administration, including six main activity areas:

  • Policy Framework: this component will support the development of the institutional and regulatory framework that will standardize human resource management practices for the Romanian public administration. This activity is a stocktaking exercise of the current HRM arrangements and will develop a public policy for HRM reforms, through a consultative process.
  • Human Resources Management System: This activity will develop HRM guidelines and procedures based on international experience and a diagnosis of the existing legal and procedural arrangements. The system will be developed jointly by the team of the World Bank and the National Agency for Civil Servants (NACS). This component will also include extensive stakeholder dialogue and consultation.
  • Competency Framework: The competency framework will establish both the general and specific competencies required for positions within the public administration. This framework will provide for the necessary skills, values, and profile of personnel that will be employed in the civil service.
  • Recruitment System:  This activity will support the design of a national contest to ensure meritocratic, transparent and inclusive recruitment and selection in the public administration. 
  • Performance Management System: This activity will entail the development of the performance management system for each category of human resources within the central public administration. The functional outcomes of the standardized individual performance management system will be discussed with end-users. A baseline and evaluation method will be developed in order to analyze and evaluate the efficacy of the system.
  • Consultative Framework: This activity will develop arrangements for the consultation of stakeholders on the design and implementation of the Policy framework and the Unitary Human Resource Management System. The GSG has the mandate to organize consultations throughout the implementation period. 

Duties and Accountabilities:

  • Provide overall leadership to the implementation team working closely with the TTL and the broader team. The project manager will be expected to provide vision, leadership and direction to the team;   
  • Prepare briefings and other materials for the Government and World Bank as required by the overall contract;  
  • Lead the dialogue with ministry and agency representatives and other stakeholders, as necessary; 
  • Present the work with regard to the Unitary Human Resource Management System at conferences, workshops and seminars when required;
  • Mentor and manage the team ensuring a seamless continuity between Bank consultants and government staff.

Selection Criteria:

The Local Project Manager will have demonstrated experience in leading and implementing a change management process.  Prior experience in working with the Romanian government and government agencies at the highest levels.  Familiarity with the Romanian policy and political context is desired as is familiarity with the World Bank’s mandate in an upper middle-income setting.

Required qualifications include:

  • At least 15 years of relevant professional experience in the area of change management, organizational change and policy formulation and implementation; 
  • At least a Master’s level University Degree, or equivalent in the following fields (Business Administration, Government administration, Economics or Finance); 
  • Demonstrated experience in organizational change at the highest levels of the government; 
  • Understanding of the Romanian public policy context and implications for citizens is desired; 
  • Demonstrated project management skills and experience in a leadership role; 
  • Readiness to take on challenges outside of the core of the role, in order to support the sector experts in the team in various parts of their projects; 
  • Ability to work under tight deadlines and with limited supervision;
  • Fluency in Romanian and English (speaking and writing).

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